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September 2014

Happy Anniversary!

September 30, 2014

Delayed post. Kinda. We are a little unconventional. We don’t really have a specific date that we have set for our anniversary. There wasn’t a specific day where we had the conversations of “Are we official?” or whatever it is the kids are doing these days…

En route to San Diego

We just met in September three years ago and started to get to know each other and it just grew from there. Thus, we celebrate our relationship throughout the entire month instead of one specific date. Hey, works for me!

I’m not one to write sentimental things but hey, this is our blog and you found your way here. So if you aren’t into this kinda thing, I suggest you stop reading now:

Andrew, you have been my rock for the past several years. Unmoving while my world rushes around you. Through various job interviews, (hung over) mornings where you bring me the most greasy pieces of food, helping me train for that one triathlon I did once upon a time… (not an easy task) or just being the first to jump up and do something about it when I say I’m cold or hungry. All our failures and successes. Me randomly crying over essentially nothing, or laughing till those same tears stream down my face. I feel very lucky to have you.

I could go on but my fingers are starting to stick to the keyboard with the sap.

What you don't see

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Savannah Chanelle

September 22, 2014

We went to Savannah Chanelle with our neighbors and my sister on Saturday. They have live bands play every weekend over summer (and perhaps fall too) and so we brought a lovely picnic, thanks to the fantastic Nicole, and wined and dined and of course played some games too. Warm summer nights, snacking and getting to know your closest friends better, these are some of my favorite things to do.

2014-09-20 18.15.04

2014-09-20 18.10.37-2

2014-09-20 18.13.17

Sunday after watching part of the Chargers game (Andrew’s team not mine) My mom, my sister Eda and I went to the animal shelter and picked out a kitten for my mom. I can finally say I got that brother I always wanted!


2014-09-21 16.33.02

2014-09-21 14.19.31

2014-09-21 12.51.53

Gah! I’m so surprised we didn’t get more than one. How can you turn those cute little faces down?

2014-09-21 16.54.59-5

And of course here is my beautiful mama. <3


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Epic August (Part 1)

September 2, 2014

As I begin writing this, it’s September 1st; Labor Day. I’m happy to say that I am sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. Most people are probably BBQ’n with friends and enjoying their day off but I’m content with doing nothing today. Where does this lack of motivation stem from you might ask? Well read on and listen to what unfolded in the month of August.

It started with a trip to New Orleans for my buddy Darin’s bachelor party. My friend Ryan and I were the only ones of the group flying out of SFO and the cheapest flight was a red eye on Wednesday night. We landed at Louis Armstrong at 5:45AM thursday morning with the taste of Jameson lingering on our lips. Lucky for us the property manager that we were renting the house from for the weekend just so happened to be dropping a friend off at the airport about the time we landed so she said she would give us a ride. Gotta love the southern hospitality!

We were chauffeured into Nola town by our host who gave us a few quick pointers on where to eat and where to do some grocery shopping. This was my second time visiting New Orleans but my previous trip was almost ten years earlier. We arrived at the house, took a quick nap, and then hammered down our first delicious southern meal and a few Abita Amber Ales at the Ugly Dog Saloon.  I had the “Ugly Burger” which was a hamburger topped with pulled pork and homemade cole slaw. Perfect stomach prepping meal for a weekend full of heavy drinking. Darin’s brother Devin arrived a few hours after us so we made a quick grocery store run to stock the fridge and then we prepped the house for the tornado of debauchery that was about to ensue over the next 3 days.


The rest of the guys arrived on the same flight from San Diego in the early evening. I knew that we were in for a long weekend when they came stumbling into the house with 2 gallons of daiquiris from a drive-thru daiquiri shop (yep, that really exists) and yelling something about “Larry” the flight attendant who gave them a bunch of free Wild Turkey shots.

We made it, everyone was accounted for, and the party began.

Ugly Dog

Now I could give you a play by play of how the weekend unfolded, but I’m pretty sure all the guys would be upset with me. I will let you use your imagination as you scroll through the photos below (please excuse their quality -alcohol induced photography at its finest). It pretty much went like this: Eat, drink, bourbon street, drink, sleep, repeat. Not necessarily in that order, and a whole lot more drinking then sleeping. All I know is that it was a hell of time; full of laughter, reminiscing on old times, and creating new memories that we will never remember….I mean forget.

darin 2

The bachelor arrives, primed and ready to rock!


“BroFest” pretty self-explanatory

Classy Bros

Getting classy


Back porch hanging before lunch at the Commander’s Palace


We look GOOD!

Bachelor success! $500 on his pocket. Bourbon street here we come!

 He still doesn’t know how to play BlackJack

Hanging brothers

Weird stuff happens on Algier’s Point


So humid, plants grow out of anything


Cruising down the levee


Old stomping grounds


“Show me your…personality!”


I think they named him Larry


Crossing The Mighty Mississippi


Big Ole’ Tanker


Hoo Dat Darin

And Just like that it was over. We all slowly crawled back to reality hoping our loved ones would still love us after they saw what terrible shape we were in. However, I couldn’t get too comfortable in normalcy. August wasn’t even close to being over. Four days later we would be off to San Diego for my good friends Maggie and Josh’s Wedding. The following week afterward I was headed to Cabo San Lucas for yet another bachelor party.

Check back soon to see how the rest of this “Epic August” unfolded!