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January 2015

Wedding Venue

January 26, 2015

We picked our venue! AND we have a date!!! YAY!

No one tells you the stress that is finding a venue and setting a date. Especially when so many proposals take place over the holidays and everyone who wants an outdoor wedding and doesn’t want to plan for almost two years is scrambling to find something amongst what is left from everything that has already been picked over.

We were looking for certain qualities:

– We wanted it to be completely outdoors

– We were looking for something unique, I had my preferences towards a garden, something not too small, where people wouldn’t feel confined to one area the entire time.

– We wanted to be able to host people and have interesting things for them to do in their spare time. Since a lot of Andrew’s childhood friends live in San Diego we didn’t want them to have to spend time in the middle of nowhere with nothing interesting to do during the downtime.

– We wanted an experience rather than an event for a few hours that people had to attend

– We also didn’t want to have strict time guidelines. A lot of places require you to have your last dance at 8:30/9:30 and be cleaned up and out of there in 30 minutes. This seemed less than ideal for us.

Here are the venues we physically looked at (I emailed probably no short of 50 different places looking for something that would work for us)

– Brownstone Gardens – Beautiful but it is in Oakley which made a little random of a location for us to share with our out-of-town guests

Brownstone Gardens

– Palmdale Estates

– Nestldown – AMAZING but pricy and with quite a few restrictions on timing and vendor choices etc.


– Sand Rock Farm

– Park Winters – Winner Winner! I was ALMOST not even going to visit this one. It’s a little far from our house but we happened to go to Tahoe this particular weekend so we just made a detour. – So thankful we did. 🙂

– Regale Winery


– Mountain Terrace

– Camp Kennolyn – We loved the experience that came with this because your entire party can stay on the grounds of the summer camp, unfortunately, we would have to guarantee that our guests would use at least 25 of the rooms which we just couldn’t promise. Honestly, with these last two I was pretty checked out because I was already so confident with our choice.

I will write a more detailed post about the venue later on but I just wanted to share with everyone that cares to read our blog that we are so excited and couldn’t be more happy to share our date with you!

8.7.15 <3

He Said “You’re a pain” … then he asked me to spend forever with him

January 21, 2015

Andrew’s story is the best. I don’t take for granted that I have an awesome fiance who would no only buy the ring and plan a proposal but also document it in a post for me. Now I’ll have his memory of it forever.

I had a few people recommend I write my perspective too and I agree. I think it will be wonderful to look back on in the future and I know I always love to read other people’s stories as well.

You get the overall gist from what Andrew wrote but here it goes:

I woke up to Andrew staring at me on Sunday morning in December… which should have been my first sign, I always wake up before him by at least an hour. I remember asking him, still foggy, “ehrm what’s up?” He just said he couldn’t sleep and that was that.

He then insisted I take a shower, which was the second item in a string of events that wouldn’t have gone the way it usually does. Typically I would argue him and say “I’ll take one tonight” like I always do, but nonetheless, I got up and took a shower as he requested. –Which, might I add, WHY did I wash out my curls and have to have my hair in a wet bun for that awesome picture? Thanks for that, really!

As I got somewhat ready (sans hair) to head over to his brother, Micheal’s house to watch the game Andrew made us coffee and then let me know that we were going to be watching the game a bit later due to another commitment that Micheal’s family had and we should head down the two blocks to the farmer’s market to buy some ingredients for guacamole. Third item – I would normally suggest he go alone while I finish getting ready and doing whatever around the house. For whatever reason, as if I was hypnotized I obliged.

Final thing, we typically go the most direct route the the farmer’s market, but this day he made up some excuse about wanting to wave to his friend who was watching the game from his office ???? why? but I didn’t think anything of it either. I just was goin’ with the flow. Needless to say his friend wasn’t actually in the office… Who watches a game from their office on a Sunday? (Unless you work in a bar.)

We got down to the farmer’s market and I was in the process of writing an email when he commented on how empty the market was that day. As I looked up and around, conveniently slipped my phone into my jacket pocket, I turned around to him getting down on his knee.

“Oh my God! What? Stop it!” I exclaimed as I gave him an awkward hug since I was convinced that he was playing a mean prank on my and my hug was going to hide us from people from staring at us funny. I finally realized, no this is not a joke and stood back as I waited for something.

“You’re a pain in my ass,” he said. Durr… is that a question? I’m not sure if I was staring at him blankly at this point because there is no response to what he had just said to me. “I love you; will you marry me?”

Okay, not the most romantic speech in the world, but it may be the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me, that I have taken seriously. –Clearly my romantic background is not extensive. So through tears of happiness, shock, and overhearing people’s shock “OMG”s in the background as they realized what was going on, I said of course, collapsing into his arms and, as farmer’s market patrons applauded and we got up from our odd stance, he slipped the ring over my finger. And what a beautiful ring it is. 🙂

I couldn’t be happier. Now to wedding planning.


She said “What are you doing?!”… then she said YES!

January 10, 2015

It was just a normal Sunday morning. Naz awoke to me staring at her and she asked “what’s up?” I responded, “Nothing, I just can’t sleep”. Which in all honestly, wasn’t like a normal Sunday because normally Naz is awake tinkering with her phone for an hour or so before I get out of bed and make us coffee. Let’s just say I was a little nervous.

–This Sunday was different I guess. Which totally contradicts how I started this post, but who I am to make sense on a day like this. I was about to ask Naz to marry me! Crazy huh? Who would’a thunk it?

The night before was spent having some drinks with some friends. Naz decided to go home early because she was tired and I decided to stay out and drink away my nerves. I asked our neighbor/friend Tyler if he would be willing to help me out with the proposal, he agreed. I wanted to totally surprise Naz, but at the same time I wanted to be able to document it. So I let Tyler in on my plan over a few Moscow Mules at the local watering hole.

I told him how Naz and I had met while working at the bar/restaurant just down the street from our house. Every Sunday there is a farmer’s market about a block away from there. We frequent it often and I figured this was the perfect place to totally catch her off guard. It was symbolic of where our relationship started and how it was going to continue to “grow” just like the fruits, veggies, and delicious hummus at the farmer’s market. Mmmm growing hummus!

So on our way home from the bar Tyler and I walked through the little park where they hold the Farmer’s market. I picked the spot where I wanted Tyler to be with the camera and practiced getting down on one knee. If anyone would have seen us acting out this proposal they probably would have been really confused by the half drunk guy on one knee and the other guy pretending to take photos of the action.

So the plan was set. We woke up in the morning and I rushed Naz to get ready as I convinced her we were going to my brother’s house to watch the Chargers game (Niners suck!). Right before we were about to leave I told her that my brother and fam had decided to go to church so we had some time to kill before heading over there. I said, “let’s go down to the farmers market and get some avocados and tomatoes so we can make guacamole to bring the Michael’s house”. To my surprise, She said OK and we were out the door.

Tyler the photographer was all set up down at the market with his hood, hat and sunglasses on looking like a weirdo randomly taking pictures of stuff. We arrived at the market and strolled through the booths and got to the end of the row of vendors to the spot where I had practiced getting down on one knee the night before. I was so nervous, I felt like I was going to projectile vomit my coffee all over Naz. I took a deep breath and said ” pretty mellow down her today, huh?” Naz responded “yeah” as she looked around the market. As her head was turned away, I dropped to one knee and said….. wait wait, first let me tell you what I had planned on saying, then I will tell you what came out of my mouth through the nervousness.

I wanted to say something along the lines of…” Naz, over the last 3 or so years you have become my best friend. The person I can count on to love me for who I am and who I want to be. You have pushed me to be a better person in so many ways. And even though sometimes you can be a pain in my ass, as I’m sure I am in yours, you’re the only pain I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you so much. Will you marry me?” Pretty sweet huh?proposal5

Well this is what actually came out of my mouth… ” Naz, you are a pain in my ass, but I love you. Will you marry me?”  Straight to the point! I guess I’m more efficient when I’m nervous.

After a few moments of tears and hugs. She said “Yes!” and I slipped the ring over her finger. Tyler captured the moment as the crowd of strangers started applauding from all directions. It was a success! She was totally caught off guard exactly as I had planned. I breathed a sigh of relief as random Los Gatos cougars started asking Naz to see her ring. Some woman said she was an engagement photographer and told us to stand in some awkward high school prom photo pose so Tyler could take a picture. I’m sure we were the story of the day for the farmer’s market folks as random people took photos and congratulated us.

We are so excited about what the future will bring for us! Cant wait to party with you all at the wedding!





Euro Photo Dump

January 8, 2015

I spent the first three weeks of December in Europe for a work trip. The initial two weeks in London, sans three days when our entire company was surprised with a wonderful trip to Seville, Spain. What a wonderful adventure that was! I had never been to Spain before this trip and Seville was the perfect starter city. Everything you would want from a European country, quaint streets that are authentic and well kept, children playing outside in the warm winter air until midnight, night owls drinking right outside the bars at all hours and most importantly tons of history.

Being in London for the second time in six months was great. It is a completely different experience to be in a foreign place and start to know your way around. At the risk of sounding like a cliche, it kinda starts to feel like you have a blank map of the world and you are starting to fill the pieces in by visiting different places.

After one week in Turkey, where I to see my family, and one awesome day back in London by myself when I missed my flight (WOO gotta love air travel!) I finally came home to where my heart is 🙂

I wanted to share some of the photos I took on the trip, all with my iPhone. Also, please excuse the sub-par outfits.

More news coming your way soon!

IMG_6778 IMG_6793 IMG_6741 IMG_6722 IMG_6789 IMG_6707 IMG_6702 IMG_6679 IMG_6635 IMG_6624 IMG_6623 IMG_6633 IMG_6631 IMG_6629 IMG_6553 IMG_6551 IMG_6574 IMG_6504 IMG_6541 IMG_6485 IMG_6548 IMG_6547 IMG_6453 IMG_6451 IMG_6543 IMG_6627 IMG_6399

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