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May 2015


May 20, 2015

One thing that was decided on early was that we would use live strawberry plants as part of our decor. We started running around trying to hoard all the white pots we could find from every Micheal’s in the vicinity (there are apparently a lot). We ended up with about 60 pots.

After gathering said pots I politely requested that Andrew drill drain holes all for me; which was no small undertaking since each pot is apparently made of some magic substance that is near impossible to penetrate. Luckily, Andrew is a doer and thanks to our neighbor, and one of my amazing bridesmaids, Nicole and her handy father, we got our hands on a drill press which made the whole thing substantially easier.

And while Andrew took his Saturday to graciously do this (not like it’s his wedding too or anything) I chose to goof off with a glass of wine and my bff Aileen -derp.

Cheers Mr. Tikiman! #Saturday @aileenbean  #bestfriends! #wine #hashtag

We then carefully planted each root within it’s new home. I apologize for the varying quality of the images but you can see our strawberries growing from naked roots to what they have become today. 🙂 My mother has taken them under her wing and, as you can tell, they are flourishing. Check back with us come August.