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September 2015

So We’re Married…

September 21, 2015

It happened. That surreal day that you dream about your whole life as a young girl. Minus a few minute details it went perfectly as planned, but as they always say, the journey is half the fun. I think back on all the DIY things that my family got to do that we got to bond over and hone our creative skills.

IMG_5228 IMG_0935


I decided early on that I wanted to try to make the invitations myself. If I haven’t said it enough, I think the personal touches that people have in their wedding are the most special and memorable, yet I’m not crazy enough to draw/paint, cut, glue rinse and repeat 150 times over so I thought if we could do something that we could fix up on Photoshop and get printed that would be a nice medium.

I started by painting imitations of different flowers I found online, I’ve never really worked with watercolor as a medium, in college I most of my classes were mostly acrylic and oils, so it was experimental/a good learning opportunity. HA

We actually didn’t end up using any of these.. but maybe one day.


Finally I found a good example that I liked for the look we were going for, our venue had so many beautiful gardens and floral varietals that I wanted a whimsical/garden theme and I felt this exemplified that pretty beautifully.


Here is the final product for the invites:



Something I really wanted to incorporate were these ribbon streamers with different styles and colors of ribbon. Well when it comes to buying ribbon in massive quantities it can get a little pricey but we did find great prices for bulk ribbon and tulle at Paper Mart. I would definitely recommend it if you ever need these types of things. It came in very handy because we used the tulle for the runners and the arch too.


Seating Chart

For some reason the seating chart was something I decided to put a lot of effort into. Going with the water color theme I mixed the colors on little cards on which I stamped everyone’s names. We strung these on separate ribbons (ribbons woo!) for each table.




I did them all with chalk pens and a ruler. Eek; I guess you get better with practice. I personally still like the personal touches with the imperfections more than when people buy these from a professional. I feel it comes with a little more pride. These items were my babies, but they did make it a little harder to toss/paint over them at the end of the process.


IMG_3048IMG_7142 IMG_2898 IMG_5103


A candid from when we were deciding how to hang the seating chart ribbons (probably should have tackled that problem in the beginning oops). We were playing around with bamboo and my mom and Andrew started literally playing with it.