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July 2016

Preggo at a Bachelorette

July 31, 2016
Preggo at a Bachelorette

Here is a riddle for you. You are seven-almost eight weeks preggo at a bachelorette, how do you hide it? Well, it was pretty hard for me. I actually had a great time, considering I wasn’t drinking. However, between, pouring my champagne down the sink when no one was looking, (what a waste! I know,) and feigning headaches/hangovers etc. it became a little overwhelming to keep up the charade for an entire long weekend.

Luckily the bride is one of my closest friends and I did end up revealing it to her halfway through. I hit my tipping point when I asked the bartender for a virgin vodka soda with fruit in it, and he brought me some elaborate Mai Tai. Of course someone ended up tasting it while I was away from the table, paying my tab and trying to cover for the “virgin” that was going to end up on the tab. ::sigh::  Whatever, luckily it became a lot easier to just stop drinking at that point, AND there was another “preggo at the bachelorette” (as I have now lovingly coined it) who was incredibly sweet and insightful and I spent my time with her.

The rest of the girls were courteous enough not to ask what was going on and why I wasn’t indulging in any libations.

My recommendation if you’re really trying to keep it on the DL? Bring/request some vodka and supply with soda water. Another mixed drink that I invented, and love is a Bloody Mary with soda water, particularly Lime La Croix. – This way you don’t have a drink that is all just Bloody Mary Mix, and the fizz adds something special.



Still no bump, (no wonder) and taking advantage.

Mai Tai

Extremely sweet Mai Tai – The bartender really up-sold me on that one, without even asking…

IMG_3904 FullSizeRender

Beautiful sunset over Lake Tahoe, I made everyone sprint to catch the colors on the clouds, still I couldn’t do it much justice.


Five Weeks Pregnant

July 6, 2016
Five Weeks Pregnant

I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures, I promise to work on taking better ones. Not much change between the last couple weeks. At five weeks pregnant I am still having minimal symptoms. Occasionally I get the feeling that I can relate most to being hungover.

I always thought that I would have horrible morning sickness because apparently it ailed my mother immensely when she was pregnant with me and my sister, however, I did read that boys cause less morning sickness than girls, but it only really makes the difference by about a percentage or so. How many people didn’t suffer morning sickness with girls and did with their boys?

We have begun to tell our closest family members as we see them in person. It becomes easier each time we reveal it to someone else, one less person to hide in front of (Andrew no longer has to drink both of our drinks) and open up to.



Wedding Rehearsal

July 3, 2016

We had our wedding rehearsal at The Inn at Park Winters the night before our wedding. We specifically chose to have our wedding on a Friday because we knew we would be able to book out the entire venue the night before and have our closest friends and family members share in the festivities for an extra night. It was such a great opportunity to extend our time with our loved ones and prep for the next day. I only wish I could relive those days over and over.


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Four Weeks Pregnant

July 1, 2016

I have a major fear of not getting my regular body back after this process, which I realize is totally worth it; (and it should be noted that I’m not saying I have the most amazing body but…) Anyway, here is proof of what I need to at least get back to at four weeks pregnant – granted I am suffering from major bloat, or at least that’s my excuse. Now you can all keep me on point and tell me to go work out or something. 🙂

I haven’t had many symptoms yet except for slight cramping tugging and pulling in my lower abdomen, and the aforementioned bloating. It was actually the first thing I felt, even before taking a pregnancy test that made me think this was it.

I have had some incredibly mild nausea after eating big meal but nothing that can’t be resolved by laying down for a little bit. So far so lucky!