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August 2016

Eight Weeks Pregnant

August 2, 2016
Eight Weeks Pregnant

I officially have confirmation that the pregnancy sticks and my imagination are not, in fact, conspiring against me. At eight weeks pregnant we have a peanut, and the peanut has a heartbeat. It was a very unique and surreal experience to hear the heartbeat and how prevalent it is.

I think for Andrew, who has only gone by what I have been saying this entire time, it was a very momentous occasion. He revealed to me, this far in, that he didn’t even know how a pregnancy test works, i.e. what looks positive and what doesn’t. “So you weren’t sure? You just blindly believed me? Good thing I’m not a crazy girl trying to force you into marrying me!” Oh boys… 

At eight weeks pregnant we finally started telling some of Andrew’s family, which is wonderful because I felt that he didn’t really have anyone to talk to about all these major changes. Particularly because his brothers have (almost) three kids each and are a wealth of knowledge. I don’t know how he survived so long without speaking to anyone about it. But then again, I’ll mention his lack of knowledge of how to read a pregnancy test.

I still don’t have many symptoms, which was definitely worrying me for a bit there before this confirmation that everything is moving along healthily.


Cookie dough ice cream – probably for the best.


Raw fish – ceviche, sushi, I have never wanted it so bad. – Fish is much harder than alcohol honestly.

Peanut Butter – I have never eaten peanut butter so regularly, a little on apples or banana slices almost everyday.


I really see some hormones coming through. Getting upset with Andrew over things that I probably shouldn’t; he’s been very patient and understanding with my volatile moods.