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October 2016

It’s a girl!

October 30, 2016
it's a girl, gender reveal

I had moved up my anatomy scan appointment from 21 weeks to 18 weeks because I just couldn’t wait any longer and, believe it or not, it’s a girl!

Or so they say… I am still a little hesitant to commit to the idea for sure, just because I wanted it, and I know there is a chance, albeit small, but nonetheless a chance they may be wrong. However, we (my mother, Andrew and I) were all in the room and there was nothing there between those legs, except for an umbilical cord; they show you the fluid going through it to differentiate to avoid any confusion. Additionally, there was no mistaking the three lines that indicate girl parts.

Andrew’s first words: “You really know how to get what you want”. I guess we had a 50/50 chance of getting a girl even if Shettle’s Theory didn’t work for us. You can read about my prediction using nub theory here.

I’m so excited to finally be able to place a gender to this growing nugget though! Let the shopping begin!

By the way, we got to reveal to everyone on Halloween in our awesome, yet simple, unicorn outfits; Andrew was super into it, haha just kidding, but what a trooper. 🙂



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It's a girl ultrasound

Nub Theory

October 5, 2016
Nub Theory Girl

Before I got pregnant I had read that nub theory is one of the ways that doctors can predict gender at week 12 without a 3D ultrasound. Most doctors, however, won’t comment at this point because it isn’t 100% accurate, closer to 94%, from what I have read. At our nuchal translucency test I specifically asked for a picture that showed the nub and have been excruciatingly analyzing it ever since.

I openly admit that I went into this pregnancy hoping for a girl. While I will love all of my children no matter what (I feel like this should go without saying) I have always pictured my first child as a daughter and have felt like this was a fact  I have known my whole life. I realize this is crazy and I would consider myself a scientific person, you can’t dream your child into existence, but I knew how disappointed I would be if I never got the girl that I have dreamed my whole life for. Additionally, I knew that having that girl first would take any pressure off of our subsequent children because, of course I would love to have a son too. All of this being said, we used Shettle’s Method when trying for a baby and hence my reason for spending hours scouring all of Google for the secret clues in our ultrasound.

Here is a post that I wrote for a forum for what I have learned and how I came to my conclusion that based off of this theory we are having a girl:

“I initially read the obvious, the angle from the lower back:
Greater than 30 degrees = boy
Parallel or less = girl
Then, after curiosity got the best of me, I posted here and immediately got the three boy responses above which threw me through a loop. Why, if my nub looks so parallel, am I getting the opposite guess? I started learning about forks and stacking.
Stacking, from my understanding, is the small line(s) above the nub that indicate the beginning of a scrotum, some people say they look like stones being stacked. (Again, please correct me if I’m wrong.)
Forks are where it the nub seems to split at the end and don’t necessarily mean one gender or the other, though this is where the confusion comes in for me about whether my nub was “stacked” or “forked”.
Some of the most useful information I found, however, is that the lines on an ultrasound show something is round. That being said, if you color in the shape of the nub and the line you draw across the top (not the bottom of what you have colored in), can indicate the angle that is being used to determine the gender.
Below is a second image, only slightly different. I have drawn the lines and colored in the nub to double check that it doesn’t actually go up (and then moved what I colored in out of the way so you can actually see what’s under it, hence the odd green phallic shape lol.)
Anyway! If anyone is more knowledgable I’d love to hear because, believe it or not, I may have exhausted Google’s extent on nub stacks vs forks! >.<“
Maybe this will help someone else but I couldn’t find information written out in this manner anywhere on the internet. You can find the entire forum post here.
fullsizerender-7 Nub Theory Girl