Best Baby Products From a First Time Mom Series: Breastfeeding Pillows

August 2, 2017

Shopping for a baby when you’ve never had one is incredibly hard. You get advice from all avenues, including mothers, grandmothers, marketing etc. I remember my mom saying how I didn’t really need anything because when I was growing up they were able to find a lot of ways to make things work with things you could find at home. For example tying a baby to a chair using a towel in lieu of a high chair. LOL Sorry mom! For the record I did have a high chair, but I think it was my mother’s way of trying to curb my spending on things I may not need. Which I appreciate!

I have created yet another source of advice for you based off of what I love and has worked (and not worked) for us and Eloise just in case it helps someone. We all know there isn’t enough advice out there without this post ;-).

Breastfeeding Pillows: I have both the Boppy and My Breast Friend. In the beginning I liked using My Breast Friend, just because the snap in the back helped keep the pillow upright a little more and stay put. I now occasionally use the Boppy when I am in the yard so Eloise can be propped up and look around while we tend to the garden. That being said, while I used these several times in the beginning if you’re looking to pinch pennies I think you could skip these. With my almost five months of experience, I have ditched the pillows long ago. If you are willing to feed anywhere (which is what is convenient for us) it is inconvenient to have to drag a pillow around with you. And your babe is only going to get heavier so might as well start building those arm muscles while they are light! haha

I know that you will probably not take my word for it and I know my sister-in-laws both got a lot of use out of theirs. I am curious to see if anyone else agrees.

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