Best Baby Products From a First Time Mom Series: Moses Bassinet

August 6, 2017

Moses Bassinet: This bassinet is so beautiful. Plastic things have their place but when it comes to something that is going to be taking up space in our house and that my baby is sleeping in I prefer natural materials like wicker, wood, cotton, etc. and if it’s a piece of art an even bigger bonus.

I was hoping the bassinet would create a positive sleep association for our baby but at night it simply didn’t work for us quite like the Dock-A-Tot; though if you wanted to fold the bottom of the DockaTot it would probably fit in there.

That being said, it is awesome. We would put Eloise down for naps here and it would rock back and forth on it’s own as she moved.

Unfortunately, babies (especially mine who is really tall) outgrow their bassinets far too quickly. Luckily I now have it in Eloise’s room as a doll bed, or boat, or whatever else her imagination comes up with, until the next baby.

Here is the base I bought for it.

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