Best Baby Products From a First Time Mom Series: DockaTot

August 4, 2017

DockATot: For whatever reason I thought I needed two different kinds of feeding pillows but held off on the Holy Grail, of baby products; probably because of the high price point. Guys this thing saved our lives. I’m sure it is completely dependent on how you choose to parent but the bassinet just wasn’t working for us at night. As soon as I started sleeping with Eloise in my arms at night we started sleeping so much better!

My thinking is that, these poor little babes have been in a cozy little cocoon for their entire existence and then they are whipped out of there and put to sleep in a bed on their own without mama’s heartbeat, body heat etc. As soon as I gave her those elements again she was so much better! Unfortunately, sleeping with your newborn isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I was so concerned about the covers and my pillow that I was sleeping in this very protective position all night and would wake up with my completely asleep. And who can sleep without tossing and turning a little at night?

The Dock-A-Tot is perfect for so many reasons:

1. I am able to have her in the bed with me and not worry about the hazards that are presented when trying to co-sleep at such a young age.

2. When feeding I don’t even leave the bed, especially since she started sleeping through the night without a diaper change.

3. This one is great even if you’re not co-sleeping, it creates a positive sleep association. I can literally dock my tot in the Dock-A-Tot anywhere and know she will sleep comfortably. We took it camping and she definitely slept better than Andrew and I did.

Even with the four month sleep regression it helps build that positive sleep association that is so essential for getting a baby to sleep better. I haven’t tested it out yet but as we start to travel more I will try to put it in a vacuum seal bag to fit into my suitcase more efficiently.

PS if you buy it at Target and use your Red Card you get an additional 5% off and free shipping.

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