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Instagram Worthy Baby Brands On Amazon: Baby Registry

January 7, 2017

While looking for toys and products to furnish our little one’s room I wanted to be able to curate a list of products that would fit the bill of being safe and useful for our wee babe and also be cute, unique and of course “Instagram worthy”.  However, all of the cutest boutiques typically charge a shipping rate, naturally, I don’t blame them and it makes complete sense to me. That being said, it is hard for me to pay shipping rates, ever. – For that extra $7-$15 I could buy another toy/bow/etc. and what if the product isn’t up to snuff or exactly what you expected?

I set up my main baby registry on Amazon because a Prime membership really allows you to order without the concern of, “will I really like this?” There are other brands I have found to love and will write a separate post for those soon!

Pehr Designs – Adorable canvas bins for toys, laundry storage, as well as crib sheets, changing pad covers and amazing mobiles that are drool-worthy for mommas and babies.

Ali & Oli – I got some black wooden eyelashes for above the crib from these guys, they are well made and add another dimension other than simply putting art on the walls you can find them here.

JellyCat – The softest stuffed animals and lovies. Simple enough.

Finn + Emma – Wooden teething toys, carseat toys, play gyms, the most adorable little rattles, of course clothing.

Natursutten – Alright I’m a FTM (first time mom) so I don’t personally have experience with these pacifiers but they are BPA Free, natural rubber and have rave reviews. Looking forward to trying them out for myself; or at least having baby try them, not sure that I can gauge the quality of how awesome a pacifier is to suck on by sticking it in my own mouth.

Little Unicorn – This was the first baby brand I found. I actually saw this blanket on Anthropologie’s site first and became enamored. I am an Anthro girl through and through but to avoid the price mark up, Amazon is a great place. I will include more about them and where to buy in my post that isn’t limited to Amazon too but wanted to mention them here. Their products are wonderful, especially the deluxe muslin. I have a few bibs, swaddles, a towel, the blanket (duh) etc. and can’t wait for them to release more prints.

Design Dua – These baskets have a great story, I love that I will be able to take it with us wherever we go, camping, hotel rooms, mom’s house etc. and she will always get to sleep in her regular bed (at least in my ideal vision without knowing what our baby’s personality will be like). Not to mention they are adorable and add aesthetic to any room. I also know that after baby is too big to sleep in it, it will still make for a fun toy, a boat, place to put toys etc.

Rylee & Cru – I am in love with the styles of their cute little bonnets and bloomers. Particularly the pixie and popcorn styles. While I don’t actually have any in my possession yet I will soon and can update with the texture and fit.

BlaBla Kids – I have a couple of their crib sheets and they work perfectly on our mattress, they are soft, cute and they have amazing dolls that I am coveting too!

L’ovedbaby – These organic onesies and clothing items are so soft and wonderful quality. They do run a little small so I would size up. 

Niteo – Again, soft, organic and oh so cozy onesies and socks.

Manhattan Toy – Colorful and engaging toys, we have the winkle rattle and the wooden balls for our little bub

Freshly Picked – The most adorable gender neutral moccasins for your little one that won’t fall off their feet and add some flare to any outfit. All my friends rave about these, and say how much better they are than any knock-offs they have tried. If you opt for a neutral color they’ll go with every outfit, making them definitely worth the price.

I will keep adding more brands as I come across them! Are there any I missed and should look into myself?

Thirty Weeks Pregnant

January 1, 2017

I can’t believe I am already thirty weeks pregnant. 3/4 of the way down, only 68 more days to go – give or take. CRAZY!

I have been so lucky during this pregnancy, no complications, minimal symptoms, just a growing belly with a healthy kicking baby that loves to move around. I hope I’m not jinxing myself, I hear the worst is yet to come; whether it’s those final few weeks, labor, or postpartum. –I can’t imagine not loving having this little girl in our arms though! I’ll take whatever is coming my way, sleepless nights, soreness, hormonal changes etc. bring it on. As long as she is healthy and happy, (and hopefully a good sleeper 😉 ).

We are getting close to finishing the nursery and just need the final touches, will have more details in another post on that soon!

OH and let’s add clumsiness to the list of symptoms at thirty weeks. I have been tripping, spilling and have even slipped and completely wiped out on my butt in the past week. Working on making sure I’m always holding on to the railing at this point to avoid anything more disastrous.

On a final note, Happy New Year everyone!

Third Trimester: 28 Weeks Pregnant

December 18, 2016

Holy Moly, we are in the third trimester at 28 weeks. I can’t decide if it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, or if it’s been speeding by. All I know is that I find myself battling between enjoying this time and counting the days until our little babe is here.

We went to mammoth with our family this week, last time we went most of the snow had melted so it was wonderful to get to see it as a winter wonderland this time around. Of course, I stayed inside for most of the time since I am banned from snowboarding. (Alright I admit even if I was allowed I probably would have skipped it). Instead I got to fulfill my baby fever by watching my sweet niece and our little girl’s future best friend, Avery, who is 2.5 months old.

Third Trimester – Symptoms:

  • Sore ribs: Ugh, I know it’s minor but my ribs, particularly on my right side are completely bruised.
  • Nesting: Definitely nesting, I just want to make the house perfect. However, since we just moved in May, there is a lot left to do and on one income, at least for now, it makes it really hard not to spend money on the extra things. These include art and decor, toys for our wee one and other items that would help with convenience but we are obviously surviving without. – Just gotta wait for those sales!
  • Sleeplessness: I guess I should just take it in stride, (and just get used to it already) but every night I wake up for a few hours and can’t fall asleep/get comfortable. Seems like it’s normal with all the changes happening, I literally have to throw my belly side to side to flip over in the bed.

I’ll add to the list if I think of anything else, but this is all that comes to mind right now.

fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-5 img_2498 img_8145 img_9861


It’s a girl!

October 30, 2016
it's a girl, gender reveal

I had moved up my anatomy scan appointment from 21 weeks to 18 weeks because I just couldn’t wait any longer and, believe it or not, it’s a girl!

Or so they say… I am still a little hesitant to commit to the idea for sure, just because I wanted it, and I know there is a chance, albeit small, but nonetheless a chance they may be wrong. However, we (my mother, Andrew and I) were all in the room and there was nothing there between those legs, except for an umbilical cord; they show you the fluid going through it to differentiate to avoid any confusion. Additionally, there was no mistaking the three lines that indicate girl parts.

Andrew’s first words: “You really know how to get what you want”. I guess we had a 50/50 chance of getting a girl even if Shettle’s Theory didn’t work for us. You can read about my prediction using nub theory here.

I’m so excited to finally be able to place a gender to this growing nugget though! Let the shopping begin!

By the way, we got to reveal to everyone on Halloween in our awesome, yet simple, unicorn outfits; Andrew was super into it, haha just kidding, but what a trooper. 🙂



fullsizerender-10 fullsizerender-11 fullsizerender-12

It's a girl ultrasound

Nub Theory

October 5, 2016
Nub Theory Girl

Before I got pregnant I had read that nub theory is one of the ways that doctors can predict gender at week 12 without a 3D ultrasound. Most doctors, however, won’t comment at this point because it isn’t 100% accurate, closer to 94%, from what I have read. At our nuchal translucency test I specifically asked for a picture that showed the nub and have been excruciatingly analyzing it ever since.

I openly admit that I went into this pregnancy hoping for a girl. While I will love all of my children no matter what (I feel like this should go without saying) I have always pictured my first child as a daughter and have felt like this was a fact  I have known my whole life. I realize this is crazy and I would consider myself a scientific person, you can’t dream your child into existence, but I knew how disappointed I would be if I never got the girl that I have dreamed my whole life for. Additionally, I knew that having that girl first would take any pressure off of our subsequent children because, of course I would love to have a son too. All of this being said, we used Shettle’s Method when trying for a baby and hence my reason for spending hours scouring all of Google for the secret clues in our ultrasound.

Here is a post that I wrote for a forum for what I have learned and how I came to my conclusion that based off of this theory we are having a girl:

“I initially read the obvious, the angle from the lower back:
Greater than 30 degrees = boy
Parallel or less = girl
Then, after curiosity got the best of me, I posted here and immediately got the three boy responses above which threw me through a loop. Why, if my nub looks so parallel, am I getting the opposite guess? I started learning about forks and stacking.
Stacking, from my understanding, is the small line(s) above the nub that indicate the beginning of a scrotum, some people say they look like stones being stacked. (Again, please correct me if I’m wrong.)
Forks are where it the nub seems to split at the end and don’t necessarily mean one gender or the other, though this is where the confusion comes in for me about whether my nub was “stacked” or “forked”.
Some of the most useful information I found, however, is that the lines on an ultrasound show something is round. That being said, if you color in the shape of the nub and the line you draw across the top (not the bottom of what you have colored in), can indicate the angle that is being used to determine the gender.
Below is a second image, only slightly different. I have drawn the lines and colored in the nub to double check that it doesn’t actually go up (and then moved what I colored in out of the way so you can actually see what’s under it, hence the odd green phallic shape lol.)
Anyway! If anyone is more knowledgable I’d love to hear because, believe it or not, I may have exhausted Google’s extent on nub stacks vs forks! >.<“
Maybe this will help someone else but I couldn’t find information written out in this manner anywhere on the internet. You can find the entire forum post here.
fullsizerender-7 Nub Theory Girl

Italy – Positano, Amalfi Coast

September 25, 2016

Positano was like a dream. Cute shops and boutiques overlooking the mediterranean, salty sea water, fresh salami and prosciutto, basil, tomato sandwiches, cotton candy sunsets, and what feels like a million stairs to climb.

I have always been inspired by the mediterranean for my home decor so I was in heaven for the three days that we were in Positano and on the Amalfi Coast. I just want arches of morning glory and bougainvillea dripping from my fence. – Luckily both of these grow pretty easily around here so perhaps next summer I can make my vision come to life.

We dipped our toes and floated in the sea, looked for sea glass, made some friends and on our last night we attended the locals’ annual fish festival, listened to live music, and worn out and sun-toasted passed out in our beds only to be woken up a few short hours later to the booming of a major firework show right outside our balcony. Ugh, take me back to Positano right now please.


Positano Lunch in Positano Positano Landscape Positano Franco's Bar Positano Pregnant Mediterranean Positano landscape Positano landscape Positano steps Positano Sunset Positano Positano Positano Positano

Eight Weeks Pregnant

August 2, 2016
Eight Weeks Pregnant

I officially have confirmation that the pregnancy sticks and my imagination are not, in fact, conspiring against me. At eight weeks pregnant we have a peanut, and the peanut has a heartbeat. It was a very unique and surreal experience to hear the heartbeat and how prevalent it is.

I think for Andrew, who has only gone by what I have been saying this entire time, it was a very momentous occasion. He revealed to me, this far in, that he didn’t even know how a pregnancy test works, i.e. what looks positive and what doesn’t. “So you weren’t sure? You just blindly believed me? Good thing I’m not a crazy girl trying to force you into marrying me!” Oh boys… 

At eight weeks pregnant we finally started telling some of Andrew’s family, which is wonderful because I felt that he didn’t really have anyone to talk to about all these major changes. Particularly because his brothers have (almost) three kids each and are a wealth of knowledge. I don’t know how he survived so long without speaking to anyone about it. But then again, I’ll mention his lack of knowledge of how to read a pregnancy test.

I still don’t have many symptoms, which was definitely worrying me for a bit there before this confirmation that everything is moving along healthily.


Cookie dough ice cream – probably for the best.


Raw fish – ceviche, sushi, I have never wanted it so bad. – Fish is much harder than alcohol honestly.

Peanut Butter – I have never eaten peanut butter so regularly, a little on apples or banana slices almost everyday.


I really see some hormones coming through. Getting upset with Andrew over things that I probably shouldn’t; he’s been very patient and understanding with my volatile moods. 



Preggo at a Bachelorette

July 31, 2016
Preggo at a Bachelorette

Here is a riddle for you. You are seven-almost eight weeks preggo at a bachelorette, how do you hide it? Well, it was pretty hard for me. I actually had a great time, considering I wasn’t drinking. However, between, pouring my champagne down the sink when no one was looking, (what a waste! I know,) and feigning headaches/hangovers etc. it became a little overwhelming to keep up the charade for an entire long weekend.

Luckily the bride is one of my closest friends and I did end up revealing it to her halfway through. I hit my tipping point when I asked the bartender for a virgin vodka soda with fruit in it, and he brought me some elaborate Mai Tai. Of course someone ended up tasting it while I was away from the table, paying my tab and trying to cover for the “virgin” that was going to end up on the tab. ::sigh::  Whatever, luckily it became a lot easier to just stop drinking at that point, AND there was another “preggo at the bachelorette” (as I have now lovingly coined it) who was incredibly sweet and insightful and I spent my time with her.

The rest of the girls were courteous enough not to ask what was going on and why I wasn’t indulging in any libations.

My recommendation if you’re really trying to keep it on the DL? Bring/request some vodka and supply with soda water. Another mixed drink that I invented, and love is a Bloody Mary with soda water, particularly Lime La Croix. – This way you don’t have a drink that is all just Bloody Mary Mix, and the fizz adds something special.



Still no bump, (no wonder) and taking advantage.

Mai Tai

Extremely sweet Mai Tai – The bartender really up-sold me on that one, without even asking…

IMG_3904 FullSizeRender

Beautiful sunset over Lake Tahoe, I made everyone sprint to catch the colors on the clouds, still I couldn’t do it much justice.


Five Weeks Pregnant

July 6, 2016
Five Weeks Pregnant

I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures, I promise to work on taking better ones. Not much change between the last couple weeks. At five weeks pregnant I am still having minimal symptoms. Occasionally I get the feeling that I can relate most to being hungover.

I always thought that I would have horrible morning sickness because apparently it ailed my mother immensely when she was pregnant with me and my sister, however, I did read that boys cause less morning sickness than girls, but it only really makes the difference by about a percentage or so. How many people didn’t suffer morning sickness with girls and did with their boys?

We have begun to tell our closest family members as we see them in person. It becomes easier each time we reveal it to someone else, one less person to hide in front of (Andrew no longer has to drink both of our drinks) and open up to.



Four Weeks Pregnant

July 1, 2016

I have a major fear of not getting my regular body back after this process, which I realize is totally worth it; (and it should be noted that I’m not saying I have the most amazing body but…) Anyway, here is proof of what I need to at least get back to at four weeks pregnant – granted I am suffering from major bloat, or at least that’s my excuse. Now you can all keep me on point and tell me to go work out or something. 🙂

I haven’t had many symptoms yet except for slight cramping tugging and pulling in my lower abdomen, and the aforementioned bloating. It was actually the first thing I felt, even before taking a pregnancy test that made me think this was it.

I have had some incredibly mild nausea after eating big meal but nothing that can’t be resolved by laying down for a little bit. So far so lucky!