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December 12, 2017

We recently received a machine washable Lorena Canals rug and it’s been a real game changer for us as far as utility and home decor. Each rug is individually handmade with a loop technique. They are 100% cotton and completely non-toxic.

We have never had the opportunity to have rugs since we have a dog. For some reason, while Sophie is potty trained, I could never break her of the habit of thinking that rugs are not the same thing as grass. With the colder season and having a crawling baby in the house, not having a soft play area was out of the question.

You may have noticed we used to have a play mat in our living room but I quickly became tired of our living room looking like a children play area all the time. When you think about it, if we have three kids two years apart (theoretically), and they play on the play mat until they are four, that’s eight years of a foam mat on my floor. No thanks!

I love aesthetics and the play mat just wasn’t cutting it. I’d like to be able to put away the toys at the end of the day and when having guests over and have my living room look like a polished, stress free and nice space. Putting away a play mat at the end of everyday and pulling it out in the morning is unreasonable.

On the other hand Lorena Canals has so many beautiful options. Each one is more beautiful than than the last and there are options that are much more nursery specific and others that would look great in your living room too! My favorite detail are the braided tassels.

For the record, our Lorena Canals rug fit the bill perfectly. A gorgeous rug that I can put down without concern for Sophie. In fact I have already thrown it in the washing machine and have had no problem with the wear and tear and have experienced no shedding.

I would recommend getting the lining that goes with it just to add a little extra padding and prevent any slipping around. Our Lorena Canals rug is a little more pliable than your average rug, in order to fit into the machine, so it has a higher chance of movement. The padding remedies this easily.

Bonus: They actually also sent me a pompon blanket in nude and it is easily one of my favorite throws.  Please get yourself one! It’s a super stylish very high quality.


Welcome to our New Home

June 24, 2016

Not just a house, but a place that we plan to share date nights, entertain our loved ones, decorate and grow our family.

Buying a home has been a dream of mine since I was a child. Some part of me knew that it was not only a way to truly love where you live but also a great investment; don’t ask why I was thinking about investing as a kid. When I was in middle school I remember saving all my lunch money and waiting until I got home to eat because I was putting my pennies into my piggy bank.

My parents finally helped me open a bank account in high school and I had immediately set it up to auto-deposit $50 a month, or whatever I could afford, in to my savings account. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to shop, but as soon as that money was removed it was out of sight, out of mind. I never touched my savings. “Just pretend that money doesn’t even exist.”

I know that it was a priority for Andrew too. Buying a house in the Bay Area isn’t easy, especially when you want size, location and a good price. The housing market is at a peak right now, but rents in the area are almost equivalent to mortgages and when we found the place we loved we knew, despite the process that buying a house is, we were making the right decision.

We have already painted the living room and moved our stuff in. The walls were peach before, and the furniture in the two pictures below is from staging.

Old living room

old living room

Painting the house, grey and white are much more our taste. 🙂 Or mine at least, and I think Andrew typically likes my style; and let’s be real, I don’t think he has much of a choice. At least we don’t have to worry about that. We opted to paint the shelving unit white because we felt there were too many different colors of wood. This was no easy task, I could have done my homework better (lesson learned) but the wood didn’t grab the paint very well so my mom and I probably put several coats of white before it got to an acceptable state. Happily, the result really amplifies the light in the room and looks great with our books and decor. Can’t wait to add lots of plants!

painting the living room


Here is a make-shift cozy nook we set up while waiting for our couch to arrive. Sophie loves all the new light in the house.

Cozy Nook

We will post new changes to the house as we make them. It’ll be slow since we soaked all of our dimes into buying the actual property. 🙂