Five Weeks Pregnant

July 6, 2016
Five Weeks Pregnant

I apologize for the fuzziness of these pictures, I promise to work on taking better ones. Not much change between the last couple weeks. At five weeks pregnant I am still having minimal symptoms. Occasionally I get the feeling that I can relate most to being hungover.

I always thought that I would have horrible morning sickness because apparently it ailed my mother immensely when she was pregnant with me and my sister, however, I did read that boys cause less morning sickness than girls, but it only really makes the difference by about a percentage or so. How many people didn’t suffer morning sickness with girls and did with their boys?

We have begun to tell our closest family members as we see them in person. It becomes easier each time we reveal it to someone else, one less person to hide in front of (Andrew no longer has to drink both of our drinks) and open up to.



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