Four Months Old

September 12, 2017

Four months young! Your personality is starting to shine. You’re a serious, curious little girl who is always contemplating something. Luckily you are willing to share your smiles with us. You are very loquacious, you’re mastering your roll and are practicing your sitting skills. You got a blister toe from all your bouncing this month and are getting good at soothing yourself to sleep. I couldn’t have asked for anything more my little one.

In her fourth month Eloise went camping for the first time. Thanks to the Dock-a-Tot I’m confident she slept better than anyone there. She got to spend long days on the beach and started bouncing in her Jump-a-roo. She started to be more aware of her surrounding and was really taking everything in. She started rolling both ways and sitting up with a little help. Here are some pictures because it was in the past and you forget WAY too quickly:




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