Happy Anniversary!

September 30, 2014

Delayed post. Kinda. We are a little unconventional. We don’t really have a specific date that we have set for our anniversary. There wasn’t a specific day where we had the conversations of “Are we official?” or whatever it is the kids are doing these days…

En route to San Diego

We just met in September three years ago and started to get to know each other and it just grew from there. Thus, we celebrate our relationship throughout the entire month instead of one specific date. Hey, works for me!

I’m not one to write sentimental things but hey, this is our blog and you found your way here. So if you aren’t into this kinda thing, I suggest you stop reading now:

Andrew, you have been my rock for the past several years. Unmoving while my world rushes around you. Through various job interviews, (hung over) mornings where you bring me the most greasy pieces of food, helping me train for that one triathlon I did once upon a time… (not an easy task) or just being the first to jump up and do something about it when I say I’m cold or hungry. All our failures and successes. Me randomly crying over essentially nothing, or laughing till those same tears stream down my face. I feel very lucky to have you.

I could go on but my fingers are starting to stick to the keyboard with the sap.

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