He Said “You’re a pain” … then he asked me to spend forever with him

January 21, 2015

Andrew’s story is the best. I don’t take for granted that I have an awesome fiance who would no only buy the ring and plan a proposal but also document it in a post for me. Now I’ll have his memory of it forever.

I had a few people recommend I write my perspective too and I agree. I think it will be wonderful to look back on in the future and I know I always love to read other people’s stories as well.

You get the overall gist from what Andrew wrote but here it goes:

I woke up to Andrew staring at me on Sunday morning in December… which should have been my first sign, I always wake up before him by at least an hour. I remember asking him, still foggy, “ehrm what’s up?” He just said he couldn’t sleep and that was that.

He then insisted I take a shower, which was the second item in a string of events that wouldn’t have gone the way it usually does. Typically I would argue him and say “I’ll take one tonight” like I always do, but nonetheless, I got up and took a shower as he requested. –Which, might I add, WHY did I wash out my curls and have to have my hair in a wet bun for that awesome picture? Thanks for that, really!

As I got somewhat ready (sans hair) to head over to his brother, Micheal’s house to watch the game Andrew made us coffee and then let me know that we were going to be watching the game a bit later due to another commitment that Micheal’s family had and we should head down the two blocks to the farmer’s market to buy some ingredients for guacamole. Third item – I would normally suggest he go alone while I finish getting ready and doing whatever around the house. For whatever reason, as if I was hypnotized I obliged.

Final thing, we typically go the most direct route the the farmer’s market, but this day he made up some excuse about wanting to wave to his friend who was watching the game from his office ???? why? but I didn’t think anything of it either. I just was goin’ with the flow. Needless to say his friend wasn’t actually in the office… Who watches a game from their office on a Sunday? (Unless you work in a bar.)

We got down to the farmer’s market and I was in the process of writing an email when he commented on how empty the market was that day. As I looked up and around, conveniently slipped my phone into my jacket pocket, I turned around to him getting down on his knee.

“Oh my God! What? Stop it!” I exclaimed as I gave him an awkward hug since I was convinced that he was playing a mean prank on my and my hug was going to hide us from people from staring at us funny. I finally realized, no this is not a joke and stood back as I waited for something.

“You’re a pain in my ass,” he said. Durr… is that a question? I’m not sure if I was staring at him blankly at this point because there is no response to what he had just said to me. “I love you; will you marry me?”

Okay, not the most romantic speech in the world, but it may be the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me, that I have taken seriously. –Clearly my romantic background is not extensive. So through tears of happiness, shock, and overhearing people’s shock “OMG”s in the background as they realized what was going on, I said of course, collapsing into his arms and, as farmer’s market patrons applauded and we got up from our odd stance, he slipped the ring over my finger. And what a beautiful ring it is. 🙂

I couldn’t be happier. Now to wedding planning.


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