One Month Old

August 16, 2017

I always wanted to have a blog to document Eloise’s growth in lieu of a baby book but ended up using Instagram instead to document these things. I have decided to update the blog because as Eloise grows it is easier to have a LITTLE time to write on here too. So the months are back dated but it hasn’t been too long that I have forgotten a lot of the experiences and sensations. So here goes:

“Oh my! How have you been a part of our lives for one month, yet I can’t remember life without you? You are our wide eyed scientist, observing and learning so much every day. There is no greater joy than watching you explore, which is a talent you acquired as you grew out of your sleepy state. We love your eye contact, and while we get a kick out of your expressionless face, we are eager for you to grace us with your smile. Love you to the moon our sweet little Eloise Wesley. ✨ “

Our first month was so wonderful. Yes a challenge to go from 0 babies to 1 but we were so enamored that it was hard to be upset about the difficulty.  The Dock a Tot definitely helped us figure out the sleep thing. Having both my mom and Andrew’s mom stay for a week made a huge difference. That first week I would wake up, feed Eloise and hand her off to my mom to change so I could spend a few minutes getting ready for the day.

We tried to keep our lifestyle as normal as possible, so were going out to picnics at wineries, and the beach within a week. I think this has helped Eloise stay content being on the go and honestly, helped us get through the day too.

Eloise has always loved being on her stomach and within the first week was accidentally rolling over to her back from pushing up on her arms.

Something that I heard a lot before Eloise was born is that a lot of parents say “Oh our baby hated the swing, or bouncy chair, etc.” I never really noticed this with Eloise, one moment she would be into something, the next she would be over it. I guess it is to be expected, how long can the same thing keep you entertained anyway?

One week since you joined us earth-side and one week since my whole world turned upside down. I’m not sure how I was walking around with what was clearly only half of my heart for the past 28 years. There are no “I can’t wait till you can ___”s here because every moment is so precious that I’m afraid of losing each one. Maybe that’s what they call the baby blues. I love you forever sweet Eloise, welcome to the planet. #littlesthelms

Two weeks old and you’re a dream. ✨ Really nailing the whole breastfeeding thing without shredding mom apart, always making sure your diaper is nice and clean, and mom’s coffee is perfectly piping hot; additionally you are riding a bike like a pro and debating Ayn Rand’s philosophies in between naps. We are so proud of your accomplishments! ☕️#stilladream #proudparents #littlesthelms

I made myself a best friend. 

Good morning world! We love our coffee cold with a lot of milk on the side; can’t have it any other way. ☕️☀️ #momlife #littlesthelms

Know how moms always seem to think their kids can do no wrong? Starting to understand why….

I am certain my heart now lives outside of my body. Here is a picture of it; who knew it would be so darn cute? #littlesthelms

“Ma that bath wasn’t actually as bad as I thought” #littlesthelms

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