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January 31, 2017

I have had numerous messages about where certain toys that Eloise plays with are from or where people can find them. You are ALWAYS welcome to reach out and ask me as I really love hearing from you but wanted to compile a list of things we have been playing with a lot recently to make it easier to find these:

Father’s Factory Wooden Camera:

35MM Vintage Wooden Toy Camera With Kaleidoscope Lens

Naturally I need to have a camera toy for Eloise and this is our choice. Between the kaleidoscope lens, the magnetic flash and the amazing attention to detail I am SO happy with this one. If you are like me, and always have a camera in your babes face, you need to have this for them to imitate you with. (If you aren’t constantly taking pictures of your little ones, you need to, how else do we capture these fleeting moments?)

Hape Pound Bench:

I love that this toy has so many elements. Eloise has learned to pull the xylophone out, hit the keys with the hammer, chew on said hammer, and has figured out to put the balls in the circles and push them through with her hand. I like that the novelty isn’t gone though. She can still figure out to put the xylophone back in and match the balls with the corresponding colors. And whenever people are playing with her they will whip out whatever one nursery rhyme they remember and entertain themselves for a few minutes too (My go to is Yankee Doodle haha)

Wooden Stacker:

Our wooden stacker is from PBKids but I love Bannor toys so much that I wanted to sub this in here. I seriously LOVE their products and Eloise really loves that she has figured this toy out. Lately I can give it to her and she will occupy herself with it for at least ten minutes (which may not sound like a lot but it is!)

Shape Sorter:

Works great for naming colors, so far Eloise just takes the shapes in and out of the box and opens and shuts the lid but there are so many great options of play for this.


Elemenosqueeze: These are squish blocks that are large. We are currently practicing stacking them. They are wonderful because they don’t cause pain or a ruckus when they topple over.

B. Elemenosqueeze

Zany Zoo: This one is wonderful because, well just look at it. There is so much to do and it’s the perfect place for Eloise to pull up and keep herself occupied while mastering her balance. I love that there are so many animals and letters to talk about too.

B. Zany Zoo (Wooden Activity Cube)


Plan Toys:

If it isn’t obvious I really like natural material toys and have never been disappointed with Plan Toys. We have numerous objects from them. Here they are:

Duck Racer

Plan Toys Duck Racer Mini Vehicle

TukTuk  – Reminds me of our honeymoon in Thailand

PlanToys 5443 PT Tuk Truck Toy

Dancing Alligator Pull Toy

Weather Dress Up : She hasn’t masted her colors yet but I love puzzles so I could help myself when I had the opportunity to get a puzzle that gives the chance to talk about dressing up and seasons etc.

Plan Toys Weather Dress-Up


Let’s be real, this was more for me than for her at this point but it makes for a cute little display piece in her nursery too!

Bannor Toys:

I love the quality of these wooden toys. I know I mentioned their stacker before but these are also household favorites:

Classic Wooden Rattle:




Fat Brain Toys

Mini Spinny:

This was a fun one to watch her figure out. It, surprisingly, didn’t take very long. She flips it over and watches the cogs spiral down, then flips it over and repeats the process.

Fat Brain Toys MiniSpinny

Tobbes Neo


Alright my mom found these but they are cool to do whatever with. We hide things under them or use them to sort colors, Eloise will put the Hape balls in them and try to drink out of them. Good for imaginations!

Moluk Mini Bilibos Baby Toy


If you ever see anything Eloise is playing with that isn’t on this list let me know and I can add it or just have a chat with you!

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  • Reply Kate January 15, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Hi. I enjoy your website and your recommendations…in fact I ordered the B.Surprised soft blocks through your amazon link, and although I looked closely, some of the blocks that came were black. I know it’s not the biggest deal, but Little Ones should have soft and light, anyway I am torn and want to return them, but thought I should ask, are some of yours black?

    New Mom

    • Reply Naz January 15, 2018 at 6:39 pm

      Hi Kate! So glad you like the site! Im happy to hear from you! Some of my blocks are a very dark color too. I might call it black or a dark brown? Not sure why the color choice because I prefer lighter colors too generally. I still like the functionality of the squishable blocks though and I guess having a couple odd colors here and there won’t make a big difference, we just won’t keep them around as home decor 😉. Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have other questions! 😘

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