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Here is the deal. As I write this, I am surrounded by our lovely home, and by lovely home I mean the place we feel comfortable a cozy little apartment cottage, we endearingly call the Broadhood, that is so cute it hurts. But I also mean.. we have all mismatched furniture that we have gotten from random (affordable) places that somehow fits into the bigger scheme of things (and in a unique way looks kinda good). We also wash all of our dishes by hand because we don’t have a dishwasher; nor do we have a washing machine/dryer so our laundry gets washed every several weeks when we have time to make it to a laundromat or go a family member’s home awkwardly hauling our sheets and worn clothing (and occasionally we use the complex next door’s shh.)Here Goes Life


What I’m getting at here is that life is a work in progress. We work hard, have normal jobs, and we save, try to spend on few things that will make us happy, like the occasional plane ticket or (quite frequent) pair of shoes, while trying to put away enough that one day we will be able to get our very own dishwasher! -Did I just say that? I must be in my mid-to-late-twenties.


Sophie and Pliny on a Monday morning

We have two very sweet dogs named Sophie and Pliny and are very lucky to be surrounded by our amazing family.

Essentially, just a fun-loving couple sharing their experiences and interests in this adventure we call life…

Here goes something…

Here Goes Life!

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