Seven Months Old

October 4, 2017

Holy seven months! I blab everyday about how wonderful you are and today is no exception. Here are some of your achievements this month:
•Crawling around the house, pulling up on things and helping me discover things to baby proof.
•Sleeping through the night on a regular basis, but I miss you so.
•Feeding yourself, and feeding others; your pincer grasp is getting there! •Playing ball. It’s your favorite, oh it makes you giggle nonstop each time.
•Saying mama and dada; with or without meaning to, but it’s good enough for me
•Understanding “no” and actually listening to it… sometimes
•Being cute AF and refining your cuddling skills.
You’ve had a busy month and have been working hard. I give you straight A’s sugar muffin

Eloise has been making her way around the house. She has realized she is no longer confined to the foam mat in the living room and has been finding all sort of trouble to get into. It’s definitely worth it however, because I love watching the world through her eyes as she discovers things around the house.

Eloise had her first cold, which she recovered quickly from, I attribute it to nursing. She went apple picking and to the county fair. 


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