How to Take Milk Bath Photos

October 12, 2017

Milk bath photos are easily one of my favorite things to do. It is super easy once you get into the grove of it, and for obvious reasons they are Instagram GOLD. People are always asking tips on how to do them and I figured I would write a quick post about my process of how to take milk bath photos so that you can add to the Instagram goodness.


Powdered milk

Fresh cut flowers

A bathtub, but hey a galvanized bucket etc. can absolutely do the trick!


  1. Run your bath water at the desired temperature. If you are working with a little babe and you want them to look like they are floating in the water, only fill the tub a couple inches and, of course, watch them to ensure they don’t roll over in the water. I know they can be squirmy little ones!
  2. Pour in a little of the powdered milk. I am not giving a specific amount because of course it varies how large your tub is and how much water you have used. Honestly, you don’t need much! The less you use now the more milk baths you can create (until you get sick of them! LOL).
    1. Note: I just want to point out that the milk comes second. If you do it first your bath might foam and that’s probably not the look you are going for.
    2. Another note: Some people say the milk smells? I personally haven’t noticed it in my experience but you can absolutely use some essential oils to spice it up for your little cherub (or yourself, cause hey, us mamas need milk baths too!)
  3. Cut up your flowers. This is the hard part. I think a lot of us have a hard time cutting up perfectly good flowers. I’ll tell you now that they just don’t quite look the same with the stems. This is what I always tell myself, say it with me: “The flowers in the pictures that I will take I will remember A LOT longer than those that I leave in our vase for a week.”
    1. You can be creative here too, I have been thinking about doing a wintery photo or using citrus slices and palms, can’t tell you how they will turn out yet though.
  4. Put your babe in and shoot away.
  5. Crop and brighten. Not all of us are so lucky to have amazing bathtubs. I know, just ask Andrew, I keep asking him when we are going to get our oversized clawfoot tub ;-). You would be amazed what a little crop and brightening can do.

If your little one is anything like Eloise, they may try to stick all the flowers in their mouth. Just make sure you aren’t using anything poisonous haha and be quick. I know all of your running around after your cutie has been preparing you for this moment!

After you take your own milk bath photos let me know. I love seeing what you come up with!

No milk in this photo but still wanted to include it! haha

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