We’re Pregnant!

June 25, 2016

We both knew that we always wanted kids, now that the opportunity is here we are ready for the challenge and, needless to say, terrified. 🙂

We found out extremely early because I knew it might be coming, (3 weeks, 4days or 10 DPO). I’m not sure but maybe not knowing for longer would have made it easier, if you don’t find out for 6 or 7 weeks then you’re already that much closer to being able to go back to being your normal self.

I can tell you it has been quite the journey hiding it from friends and family. I am typically a very open book and horrible at lying to people so not drinking has been a challenge. Pretending to have a drink in hand, saying that I’ll be the DD, and not trying to be obvious. I wouldn’t consider myself a big drinker but I don’t typically turn down a glass of wine. It’s funny how common drinking is in our society that it is a red flag if you don’t have anything.

We will keep enjoying our little secret for now, but can’t wait to tell everyone!

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