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February 2015


February 19, 2015

I have been planning my wedding since I was a little girl and describing the occasion to anyone who will listen. When it came down to actually planning a wedding with a REAL budget it quickly dawned on me that my childhood dreams of hanging chandeliers from all the trees and making a decision between barn tables and your standard banquet tables are a really decision of “Do I really need this?” – You know, the one where you are in the dressing room trying on something you love but really don’t have anywhere to wear? “Can I justify this? I only GET to do this once,” and at the same time “I only HAVE to do this once.” All the Pinterest pins also become slightly moot since they are amazing but sure do add up quickly.

I must add, not only is the budget an issue but picking one of the many ideas and sticking to it. You can’t have tulle, lace, balloons, ribbons, pink blue, red, yellow, chartreuse, moss, driftwood, succulents, seashells, tin, porcelain…… well I suppose you could. ha!

This weekend we will be going to do the tasting, meeting our DJ, taking a second look at the venue, taking some more pictures – will share here soon.

As much as I’m loving the process in the end I’m more excited about actually being married to Andrew than the process of being wed to him.

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