Autumn Style

October 13, 2014

This post is actually a bit delayed, whoops.

Pretty much everyone who posts about fashion posts one of these annually I think… when the weather is too hot (in California) to bundle up but not hot enough to wear shorts and sandals; though with the drought this year I’ve still been wearing shorts well through October, but I digress.

I’ve bought several pairs of Chelsea boots throughout the past few years but I must say these Sam Edelmanns I bought in August seriously take the cake. They come in every color and are SO comfortable. With their price point (which to me says “reliable but won’t break the bank”) are, in my opinion, staple for any stylish girl’s closet. – Did I just self call there?

Paired with a feminine lace top with sleeves, (ever noticed how sleeves make a world of difference in temperature?) and skinny jeans make for a perfect transitional outfit.

Anthropologie Let Me Be Top (on Sale) | Guess Jeans | Sam Edelman Booties

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