Rehearsal Night

May 13, 2016

Wanted to share these images from our wedding rehearsal. We are so lucky to have been surrounded by so many amazing friends and family. It was a really fun night, practicing a flash mob that didn’t even happen because people were having a little too many¬†refreshments to actually remember the dance ;-).


We love all of you, thank you for making our day so special to us. SONY DSC NazAndrewRehearsal-79 SONY DSC NazAndrewRehearsal-28_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-112_resizedNazAndrewRehearsal-104_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-96_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-90_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-80_resized SONY DSC SONY DSC NazAndrewRehearsal-59_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-48_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-41_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-36_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-33_resized NazAndrewRehearsal-31_resized

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