December 1, 2017

If you hadn’t heard me rave enough about the DockaTot I wanted to give an update including my experience with the DockaTot Grand.

The DockaTot Grand was gifted to us but all of the following opinions are my own.  The DockaTot Grand is good for babies and tots that are 9-36 months of age and is a co-sleeper or multi-functional lounger.

Dockatot New Collection Fairytale

Let me start off by saying we love our DockATots.

A little back story: The DockaTot Deluxe worked perfectly for us. Eloise slept in between us for the first few months of her life. We all slept really well together with one, occasionally two, feedings a night.

We eventually transitioned her to the Pack’nPlay in our room so that we could train her to sleep through the night before she became mobile. This too worked really well for us and she was often sleeping through the night without any mishaps.

All of this changed when she started to crawl and pull up. I really believe that she would be thinking about it so much that she would start to crawl in her sleep and wake herself up, and I don’t need tell to you it’s much harder to cry yourself to sleep while standing than it is to cry yourself to sleep while laying down. Our night sleeps were broken and our naps were about 15 minutes, and they were mostly in my arms.

Enter the DockATot Grand. When it arrived I put it in the living room where I could be with Eloise in it and we could lounge in it. It’s so big that you better believe both Andrew and I have laid down in it, and hey! I could totally nap in there! It’s so cozy. I sleep surrounded by pillows anyway and the DockaTot provides a similar concept.

The first nap that I put her in the DockATot Grand lasted a full two hours. My guess is that it feels like she is still being held and she tosses and turns less. Additionally, this creates a more restful sleep environment. Every time I have put her down in the lounger her sleep seems to be longer and less interrupted.

Guys, I know it seems crazy but I swear these things have magic powers. If you haven’t already purchased a DockATot and you’re having sleep troubles I recommend checking them out now! And have sweet dreams. xx


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  • Reply The Unfiltered Momma December 6, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Love that you let her lounge in it too! We love our Dock! So amazing. They really do have magic powers

  • Reply Brittany Shue December 6, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    I so wish I would’ve had this when my little ones were babes. They seem amazing and functional!

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