Six Months Old

September 20, 2017

I can’t believe it’s your half birthday already! You are such a pleasant natured, curious, determined little girl. You’re constantly babbling, and doing crazy yoga positions that put me to shame. You’ve been working so hard to crawl and you are actually starting to figure it out! You insist on spoon feeding yourself and have been eating pretty much everything we eat. Oh, and I’m fairly confident you say “hi!” Maybe you’re an extrovert like your daddy. You’re growing so fast my heart can’t keep up.

I’ve gotten bibs that go down to her sleeves, fabric bibs, plastic bibs that are so stiff she can’t get both arms out in front of her. These ones are actually really pliable so I love them ☝. What I really need are secrets for getting out stains lol.
#savetheclothes #eatlikealadyEloise #littlesthelms

Sophie and Eloise are becoming quite the pair. I often wake up to the three of us snuggled up. They are currently napping together on the couch. ✨ #ishernameSophieorGentle? #EloiseandSophie #littlesthelms

Magic at grandma’s house ✨ #lookmabothhands #everythingshedoesismagic #littlesthelms

This is how my life has changed:
Pre-Eloise, when Andrew was gone for the weekend I would think of how best to pull my bed sheets up to my neck and lie really still in my bed hoping that any intruders that may come into the house would not notice me.
Post-Eloise, when Andrew is gone for the weekend I think of how best I would cover Eloise with my body so any intruder that may come into the house would not notice her. ✨#imherprotectivesheet #alsothereisacopnextdoor #littlesthelms

Hey mah I know about those. They are called flow-ars and when I put them in my hand they go C R U N C H! ✨
“Gentle” is going be up being her first word. #gentleEloise #IsaidgentleEloise #littlesthelms

Eloise lounges hard. Her leg is always hanging off the edge of something, stroller, dockatot you name it. ✨ #nofearoftheboogeyman #scaredoffacialhairthough #littlesthelms

Eloise is pretty bummed we don’t get to spend this weekend with Avery and Maeanna.
I am so thankful to my parents for doing the impossible and raising me and my sister on their own in a foreign place. I really can’t imagine how difficult it would be to do it without family around.
We are lucky that Eloise will grow up seeing her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents on a regular basis. Family is such a powerful and important part of our lives. ‍‍✨#gonnaeatthemall #whysosurprisedEloise? #littlesthelms

“Hi mama! Now if you’ll excuse me, I want to get back to learning about world travel, the numbers 1-10, quantum physics, and aerospace engineering.” ✨#Eloiseyouresosmart #allthebooks #littlesthelms


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