The Color Factory: For Babies

October 6, 2017

We went to The Color Factory in San Francisco on Tuesday. It was the perfect museum to take an infant to because the colors and lights are very stimulating even at a very young age. If you are looking for engaging activities to do that will keep both your infant as well as your baby’s I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Each of the rooms provided household items like to look at that you see on a day to day basis but all in that single color.

The color in many of the rooms was composed by lights or disco balls, or things like confetti or thousands of receipt paper selfies that you could pick up, scrunch and throw.

The ribbon room had thousands of ribbons hung in close proximity and I believe that Eloise’s new found mobility made it even more enjoyable for her to crawl through them, although they were so dense that even I bumped into a stranger when trying to navigate my way through… Whoops!

By far, however, Eloise’s favorite room was the ginormous ball pit. Not only did the yellow color have a happy vibe but our favorite game lately has been “throwing” a ball back and forth. What is better than hundreds of thousands of yellow balls?

We have our trip to the Museum of Ice Cream in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!

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